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 Jenny Nguyen, Miss Viet-Uc 2011

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PostSubject: Jenny Nguyen, Miss Viet-Uc 2011   Tue May 10, 2011 7:23 pm

Jenny Nguyen, the law student who won the Miss Viet-Uc 2011 title, was promoted to get into by 2 admirers who were contestants too, stated that she was “amazed but very cheerful” to win. She announced that she will utilise the prize money of $10,000 to help the children with AIDs charities when she will visit Vietnam later this year. “I didn’t expect to win and I just did it for the experience but, now that I have the money, I will put it towards a good cause,” she stated. Whilst she is not being deemed to be a career in modelling, Jenny told she had enlightened a lot about Vietnamese civilisation and speech by adhering with the other girls.


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Jenny Nguyen, Miss Viet-Uc 2011
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